Twobit is an award-nominated and unique VR puzzle-platform game. Only using your gaze or the VR Controller, guide a little robot in strange rooms, helping him tackle problems and puzzles, and ultimately unravel the mysteries of his origin.

Thanks everyone who have already played the game, the Gear VR version has hit 70,000+ downloads within a few months! I'm pleased to announce that Twobit now stars in Twobit Odyssey and the latest version of Twobit features the first three levels from Twobit Odyssey! Try the game today for free!

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Genre : puzzle/platform
Platforms : Gear VR, Oculus Go
Engine : Unity 3D
Controls : VR Headset (HMD), VR Controller
Release Date :
Gear VR (October 19th, 2016)
Oculus Go (October 25th, 2018)
Oculus Rift (TBD)

Twobit is available for Free
for Gear VR and Oculus Go!

You can now dive into
the world of Twobit pretty much anywhere!

Twobit awakens in a dark and mysterious place. But he is not alone. He sees you. You are his guide. When he asks for direction, look around the room and find a location for him to explore. When he finds a button, nod your head in agreement to activate it. Need to see what lurks in the dark? Activate the Twobit Vision and see the world through his eyes. But who is Twobit and, most importantly, who are you? Are you a figment of his imagination? The clock continues to tick... Something terrible is on its way. Can you and Twobit find a way to escape this pending doom?

When Twobit asks for direction, a question mark appears above his head and a round cursor allows you to pick a location to explore. Once the robot has registered a new target, he then rolls into a ball and makes his way towards it.

Some elements (such as buttons) can be activated by Twobit. When he reaches them, he will ask you if you would like him to proceed - you can confirm by nodding your head "Yes" in agreement, or by shaking your head "No" in disagreement.

This particular action releases Tweebits, small flying robots who end up flying around the room.

The player can activate the Twobit Vision at anythime during the game and see the world through Twobit's eyes. However, this feature is only useful when Twobit is opened and not rolled into a ball.

A mysterious countdown is visible on one side of the room and yes, indeed, something terrible happens when it reaches zero! Is there a way to prevent it to happen? You'll have to play to find out.

About Twobit

Twobit is the brainchild of Laurent Kermel, founder of Squidbeam Games and an award-winning Visual Effects artist. The game initially started as a Virtual Reality experiment designed to explore ways for players to intuitively control a character and build a relationship between them. The game is technically a hybrid that mixes first and third person views, and its' unique gaze control system and gameplay mechanics were designed to always give the player a feeling of in-game presence and immersion.

From inception, Twobit was designed to be an interactive VR experience and special attention was given to its unique gaze control system. The player doesn't move around the world - he or she explores their surroundings through the little robot named Twobit. Every feature of the gameplay was carefully designed and integrated to be an effortless extension of the user, and for Twobit and the player to ultimately connect and work together. Additionally, everything in the game was created to effectively prevent motion sickness, including the unique design of the little robot Twobit - for instance, when he rolls, his head collapses back inside his body and players can't see what the robot sees, thus preventing them to feel dizzy. Twobit was carefully crafted to safely get around the limitations caused by motion sickness in ways that always give the player a feeling of immersion within a believable and coherent world.

The Gear VR version of Twobit received excellent feedback - it hit 70,000+ downloads within a few months and was even nominated for an award! I'm delighted to announce that Twobit now stars in Twobit Odyssey, the full version of the game! Twobit was also recently updated and features the first three levels of Twobit Odyssey for free! Give it a try today!

Twobit Features

  • Unique control system
    Players control Twobit only using their sight via the VR headset. No need for a controller - players make choices by nodding "yes" in agreement, or shading their heads for "No". The gaze control system uses a novel approach and analyses the player's field of vision. Proprietary algorithms then decide of what the player is most likely looking at.

  • Designed to prevent motion sickness
    Twobit was especially designed to prevent motion sickness, one of the main issues with first-person VR games. Special attention was given to the motion system; for instance the Twobit Vision is not available when Twobit is rolled into a ball and is therefore moving, , thus preventing the player to feel dizzy.

  • Immersive 3D sound
    Sound design plays a major role in Twobit. This allows players to know exactly where Twobit and other events are located in space without needing to always look directly at Twobit or the action. These techniques are especially important in creating a believable sense of immersion to the game.

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Concept Art

Twobit is available for FREE for Gear VR and Oculus Go!

Twobit was carefully optimized for use on mobile devices and many players described it as 'one of the best looking game available on the Gear VR'. The visual quality is on par with the PC version and the Award-Nominated mobile version gives you the freedom to dive into the world of Twobit pretty much anywhere!

The Gear VR version of Twobit received excellent feedback - it hit 70,000+ downloads within a few months and was even nominated for an award! I'm delighted to announce that Twobit now stars in Twobit Odyssey, the full version of the game!

Twobit is now a demo for Twobit Odyssey and features the game's first three levels available for Free! Try it today!

Twobit nominated at the 13th IMGA awards
Twobit Odyssey
The VR Indie Pitch Second Place Winner
"a perfect entry experience in the world of VR!"
Twobit Odyssey nominated at the 14th IMGA awards

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