TWOBIT - Release trailer
September 6th, 2016
The release trailer for Twobit is out in the wild! If everything goes according to plans I will submit the Samsung Gear VR version to the Oculus store very soon!

TWOBIT - Dev'log video #3
August 4th, 2016
I believe this may be the last development log video for Twobit! Well, at least for this demo that is. All the puzzles are in place, tons of new environment elements and all the textures are finished! I also decided to add a Twobit Vision that allows you to see what Twobit sees, as long as he's not rolled into a ball.
Next step : packaging it for the Gear VR and submit it to the Oculus Store!

TWOBIT - Dev'log video #2
June 11th, 2016
This is Twobit, a VR experience that will be available for the GearVR and Oculus Rift! The game stars a little robot called 'Twobit' who happens to be trapped in a strange room. He analyses the player's field of view (what he sees) and decides his next action solely based on this input. Simple commands can also be sent to him by nodding in agreement or by shaking in disagreement. This experience explores different ways to control characters in VR, as well as trying to build a relationship between them. More to come soon!

TWOBIT - Dev'log video #1
April 26th, 2016
Although I'm still working on my games (especially Nektonik), I've been busy doing VR experiments for a while now. Here is Twobit, a simple demo I put together in about a week and which explores ways to control a character in VR, as well as trying to build a relationship between the player and such virtual character. I may turn this idea into a game.