I'm thrilled to announce that I have been working on my next game for a few months now! Bananamana will be a procedurally generated action/adventure game and I will share more information soon!

There is still a long way to go and this page will be a development blog of some sort for the time being, so you can follow my progress!

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Genre : Action/Aventure
Platforms : Windows
Engine : Unity 3D
Controls : coming soon!
Release Date : TBD

    Slime Sheet!
I spent the holiday in my hometown in France visiting family and friends. It is always a joy to spend Christmas there, especially with my two young nephews who seem to share the same crazy passion for video games as me and my brother do. It was a well-needed break and after putting on a few pounds, I'm now ready to get back to work! Well, as you all know, I usually can't stay idle for long... I had my sketchbook with me and doodled all kind of stuff for Bananamana - such as these cute slimes! More to come soon!

    Bananamana's UI, new water shader and more!
I've been really busy working on Bananamana! I finally got to tackle my water shader and I think it looks awesome! I still have a few things to fix but it's starting to look like what I intended it to be! I've also implemented the game's main User Interface - still needs some work though! Finally, I've added a screenshot that shows a rough day/night cycle - if everything goes according to plans, it may be an important part of the gameplay!
A lot more to come soon, hopefully in the shape of a new Dev-Log video!!!

    First Dev-log video for Bananamana!!
I'm finally ready to share a first Dev-log video for my new game! And I'm also ready to share its name! The game is called Bananamana and will be a procedurally generated action/adventure game!

I've been working on various elements (although there are still placeholder textures and models here and there). I've also started to implement enemies, such as cute slimes. You can't realistically create an adventure game without slimes, it is not even an option!

Finally, although I'm planning to release Banananamana first as a 2D ('flat') game, I've been keeping VR in mind as I design it, so it will (hopefully) be easy to port it when the time comes (I've already run some tests with the Oculus Rift and the game looks really cool in VR!).

Here ya go! More to come soon! :)

    U got the look!
Here is a long-due update from my new game! This one took a little more time than expected because, well, I wanted to reach some important milestones first, such as the actual look of the game! My goal is to create a stylized and cartoony world, and I think I'm getting close to the art direction I had in mind. I have also started to paint my own textures (I'm especially happy with the grass and trees!) and to build my own models. There are still a couple of temporary textures here and there though... will tackle that soon! Sill a lot of work to do, but things are really starting to take shape now!

I also need to optimize the GPU instancing technique I use. Although it works fairly well right now (the game runs between 200 to 400 FPS on my GeForce GTX 980), it definitively clogs up the CPU. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and implement DrawMeshInstancedIndirect instead...

    The more the merrier!
This week I have dramatically improved the overall performance and the amount of geometry I can display on screen by tenfold! These two are not usually besties, right? Well, as long as you use the right technique and don't go all brute force... as I initially did, then you're good ;)

I have implemented GPU instancing and this technique is the bomb! I used to combine my own meshes (for trees and grass) so they wouldn't generate too many draw calls. The technique worked really well but I didn't like the memory footprint (4GB to 12GB in the worst cases). GPU instancing changed everything! I can now generate incredibly large forests and grass fields, and the game runs under 2GB of RAM! So exciting!

I'd like to mention that I'm planning to work on the actual look of the game soon and these images still use placeholder textures and rough models.

    New game project! First screenshots!
I'm thrilled to announce that I have been working on my next game for about a month now and although I can't share its name or gameplay mechanics (these will come in due time), I'm ready to share some early screenshots!

This is a super rough prototype, the models are pretty simple and I'm using placeholder textures (the overall look will change too). The cool thing I'm exploring for this game is to make it entirely procedurally generated. These screenshots show the terrain engine I'm developing for it. There is still a looong way to go and I'm working hard at optimizing the graphics and squeezing out every last drop of power as I want this game to be lower-powered PC friendly.

Each world is currently 5 kilometers wide as I want each one to be packed with secrets and features to find, rather than bland vast areas without much happening in them. Much more to come soon!

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