Astroforce Uchusentai is a vertical and fast-paced fixed shoot'em up in the tradition of the classic arcade games from the 80s and 90s. Fight endless waves of enemy ships and battle powerful bosses. Increase destructive capabilities by collecting power-capsules and unleashing heavy weaponry! Unlock new ships as you progress through the game! Fire away!

Astroforce Uchusentai is now available for free on Google Play!

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Genre : Arcade Space Shooter
Platforms : Android
Engine : Unity 3D
Controls : n/a
Release Date :
Google Play (June 20, 2019)

It is light-years in the future and alien invaders are scorching the earth with vastly superior forces. Humanity's only hope is the Astroforce NSI Squadron, a special unit of prototype starfighters built with captured enemy technology. Move fast and blast away!

Collect power-ups and deliver staggering amounts of firepower
in this space shooter loaded with intense and endless arcade action!

Eight ships can be unlocked as you progress through the game!

Collect Victory Points and use them to unlock new power-ups!

Fight off endless waves of increasingly difficult enemies!

Make sure to upgrade your ship before battling Astroforce's countless and challenging bosses!

Astroforce Uchusentai is procedurally generated and endless!

Astroforce Uchusentai is available for free on Google Play!

Fire away! Play Astroforce Uchusentai today!

Origins of Astroforce Uchusentai

Astroforce Uchusentai is actually based on a small game called Spacenoid I developed for the Atari ST back in 1990. Mind you, I was a teenager and Spacenoid was not a masterpiece. The original idea was to create a mash-up of Taito's classics Space Invaders and Arkanoid.

As you can probably see, I did reuse some of the graphics for Astroforce and enhanced them. However, the gameplay in Spacenoid was somewhat different (especially the power-up system), and the levels were not procedurally generated.

I can't really remember how I designed that boss from Spacenoid (I was probably inspired by the thousands of screenshots I would usually find in video game magazines at the time). But I used it as a base to create the procedurally generated bosses featured in Astroforce.